Openwork crochet top
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Openwork crochet top

knitted top

A summer top with a rounded lower part of the front and back attracts attention with an expressive pineapple pattern and a large floral motif.

Size: 36/38
Size (Russian): 42/44


You will need: 200 g burgundy Puntino yarn (100% cotton, 160 m/50 g) hook number 3.

Knitting density: 16.5 p. and 8.5 rub. = 10 x 10 cm.


Back/front: tie a chain of 10 air. p., close it 1 connection. Art. in a ring and knit according to the pattern = 8 repeats. After 20 r. from the beginning of work for the upper right part, attach the thread at the arrow, on the loops of the 1st repeat, knit according to the pattern from the 21st to the 30th rows and finish the work. Then for the upper left part on the loops of the 2nd rapport, knit in the same way.

crochet pattern

Assembly: perform shoulder and side seams; Tie the bottom edge of the front and back with 1 p. Art. b/n, while knitting 4 tbsp in arches. b/n and in art. s/n 1 tbsp. b/n. Tie 1 r. around the neckline and armhole. Art. b/n and 1 r. “crawfish step” (st. b/n from left to right), while in the 1st row. perform in each st. s/2n for 3 tbsp. b/n.

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