White skirt "Greek motifs"
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White skirt "Greek motifs"

knitted skirt

In spring, wear this skirt with a leather biker jacket or denim jacket. Contrasting styles are still trendy! In the hot summer, combine a skirt with tops and blouses.

Model Elena Obukhova

Size: S.M.

You will need: plastic yarn (cotton with viscose or viscose, 400 m/100 g) – 600 g. hook No. 2, knitting markers.

knitted skirt

 Attention! The skirt is knitted from top to bottom in the round, without seams.

The product may stretch after washing, so before knitting the last pattern and border, it is recommended to wet and dry the skirt to understand the final dimensions.

 Cast on a chain equal to your waist circumference + a few loops for a loose fit.

 The number of loops must be a multiple of 13 (the number of loops in one repeat), the number of repeats must be even.

 Tie the upper part of the skirt according to pattern 1 (there should be a total of 7 openwork elements in height).

crochet pattern

 Next, knit the pattern according to pattern 2 (repeat it twice).

 Then follow pattern 3 to the desired length.

crochet pattern

 First, alternate groups of columns s/n and 2 air. P.

Every 5 rows, increase the number of air loops between the s/n columns by 1 air loop. p., until it becomes 5 air. p. between groups of columns.

knitted skirt

After this, knit a row with increases.

crochet pattern

Next, knit a pattern of Greek motifs according to pattern 4.

Scheme 4

crochet pattern
knitted skirt

 After completing the pattern, knit one row with s/n stitches, then knit the border according to pattern 5.

Scheme 5

crochet pattern

Tie the upper part of the skirt with several rows of single stitches, then alternate in the next row 2 single stitches and 2 air stitches. P.

 Knit 2 more rows of b/n stitches.

Tie a lace of the required length and thread it through the waistband of the skirt.

knitted skirt

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  1. Marina Pichugina

    Thank you very much, it’s a very beautiful skirt, I’ll knit it for myself with pleasure!
    I follow your work, it is close to my spirit, and the color scheme is very impressive!

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