White top
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White top

knitted top

White crochet top for summer with a large crew neck and stunning lace pattern. Short, all-knit sleeves look like little wings. The edges of the top are trimmed with graceful scallops.

You will need: yarn BC Garn, Caseta (50% silk, 30% cashmere, 20% wool; 50 g / 240 m) - 10 (10) 11 (11) skeins of white (color 01); hook No. 2.5.

Dimensions: 34/36 (38/40) 42/44 (46/48)

Product width according to chest circumference: 84 (94)104(114) cm

Length of the product: 61 (62) 63 (64) cm

Knitting density: 22 v.p. = 10 cm. 1 repeat (11 p.) = 5 cm

"Bun": (yarn over, insert hook into next loop or gap, pull yarn through) 3 times (= 7 loops on hook), pull yarn through 6 loops on hook, yarn over and pull yarn through last 2 loops.

Back: knit 6 p. to the side cut: dial 119 (130) 141 (152) v.p. and knit according to the pattern (10(11)12(13) pattern repeats). Put the loops of work aside temporarily. Break the thread.

Before: cast on 119 (130) 141 (152) sts and knit according to the pattern (10 (11) 12 (13) pattern repeats), as described for the back. Place both pieces with the wrong side facing each other and continue knitting in circular rows according to the pattern. Start from the 7th day. and at the end of each circle. row make 1 connection. Art. in the 3rd ch. circle from the beginning. row. Complete 49 rubles in total. according to the scheme. When the length of the work from the cut is 39 cm, start making armholes. To do this, switch to knitting in rows in forward and reverse directions, finishing the back and front separately.

Back: starting from 53rd r. perform increases for armholes according to the pattern = 11 (12) 13 (14) repeat patterns in the pattern. In 59th r. perform increases again according to the pattern (= 12 (13) 14 (15) repeat patterns). Continue knitting without increasing until 61 (62) 63 (64) cm are knitted.

Before: Simultaneously with the increases for the armholes, begin shaping the neckline. Leave the middle 4 (3) 4 (3) repeat patterns unknitted, and finish the left and right sides separately. Gradually make decreases along the edge of the neckline as shown in the diagram. Continue knitting straight until the length of the front is equal to the length of the back.

Binding, armhole and bottom edge binding: Sew shoulder seams. Make the edges of the product according to the scheme: * 1 tbsp. b/n, 3 ch, 1 “bun” in st. b/n, 1 ch, repeat from * to the end of the row, as indicated in the diagram (see under the 1st row).

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