Grape scarf
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Grape scarf

Knitting openwork scarves - what could be more fun? There are never too many of them. I suggest you pay attention to the grape scarf.

grape scarf

A scarf with elements of Irish lace leaves almost no one indifferent, because it looks very unusual and super fashionable!  

Cotton yarn with acrylic – 400m/100g – 200 g;

 Hook 2.0 – 2.5mm;

 Hollow fiber (filler - soft toys are stuffed with it) for stuffing grapes.

You can tie three or four bunches of grapes on a grape scarf.

An openwork scarf is knitted on both sides.

A chain of air loops is assembled along the length of the scarf (and the length is about 150-160 cm) plus another 5-10 cm.

Next, knit with a mesh according to the pattern you like up to half the width of the scarf (20 cm), about 14 rows.

Basic pattern diagram

crochet pattern

 After this, on the other side of the chain, knit in the same way in the other direction.

The point of this knitting is that this way the scarf will be more resistant to stretching.

The base for the openwork scarf is ready.

grape scarf

The next stage of knitting an openwork scarf. 

Now you need to tie the leaves and grapes and collect them into clusters: 3 leaves and 9 grapes.

The leaves can be tied directly into shamrocks.

Shamrock scheme

crochet pattern
crochet pattern
crochet pattern

 I offer patterns to choose from for knitting leaves.

Master class on knitting leaves

crochet pattern

Knitting pattern for a leaf and a grape

crochet pattern

 You can tie beads around the grapes, but it will be a bit heavy, the scarf is light and openwork, and heavy beads will stretch it too much. Therefore, you can stuff the berries either with silicone or with the remnants of unnecessary yarn.

grape scarf

We continue knitting an openwork scarf.

Grape diagram

crochet pattern

We knit a ball, slightly larger than grapes, and from it we begin to weave a cord (patterns are also included, for your choice).

Cord diagram

crochet pattern

Caterpillar cord diagram

crochet pattern

 The cord is about 210 cm, 30-40 cm longer than the scarf. We stretch the free end of the tied cord in the middle of the base of the scarf, near the cast-on chain, and knit another ball at the end. Now we knit another cord in the same way and pull it through the other side of the cast-on chain. This will prevent the scarf from stretching when worn.

We sew the bunches on the ends of the scarf and in the middle (you can see it in the photo).

The scarf is ready!

grape scarf

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