Jumper made of openwork hexagons
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Jumper made of openwork hexagons

knitted pullover

The jumper is made up of hexagons with colored centers, resulting in a pattern of large flowers. The effect is simply stunning!

Dimensions: 38/40(42/44)


You will need: yarn (66% cotton, 12% yak wool, 22% polyamide; 145 m/50 g) – 400 (500) g gray-green and 50 g each lilac, yellow-green and pink; hook No. 4 and 5 (4.5 and 5.5).

Hexagon motif: perform a chain of 6 v.p. and close it into a ring using 1 connection. Art. Knit according to pattern 1 in circular rows.

Start each circular row according to. diagram from the initial v.p. instead of 1st tbsp. s/n and finish 1 connection. Art. in the 3rd ch. replacements.

Perform the 1st-5th circular rows 1 time, while performing the initial row and the 1st circular row with a decorative thread, the 2nd-5th circular rows with a gray-green thread.

crochet pattern

1/2 hexagon: start knitting like a hexagon, but acc. pattern 2 rows in forward and reverse direction acc. described sequence of colors.

crochet pattern

Knitting density: hook No. 5 (5.5) - 1 hexagon = 13 x 13 (15 x 15) cm from edge to edge.

Attention: the dimensions on the pattern are partially obtained by measuring the model.

knitted jumper

Knitting description: crochet number 5 (5.5) make 50 hexagons (16 with a yellow-green center, 17 each with a lilac and pink center) and 4 hexagon halves (2 each with a yellow-green and lilac center).

Assembly: arrange motives according to pattern, and distribute the colors as desired. Connect the motifs from the wrong side using a connection. Art.

To straighten the seams of the sleeves, fill the gaps according to. diagram (green icons from arrow A).
Similarly, if necessary, fill the transition between the side seam and the sleeve seam using Art. s/n and st. with 2/n.

Sew side seams and sleeve seams.

Tie the edge of the neck with crochet No. 4 with gray-green thread in 2 circular rows connecting. art., while in the 1st circular row, skip the gaps of individual motifs and connect them by tightening the connection. Art., as a result the neck will be lowered.

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