Cardigan with lace elements “Amethyst”
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Cardigan with lace elements “Amethyst”

knitted cardigan

Cardigan with lace elements “Amethyst”

The author of the model is Galina Kavizina

Cardigan size: 44-46

You will need

900 g 100% mercerized LILY cotton (50 g/125 m).

50 cm guipure lace. 

Crochet hooks for elements No. 2.5 and 2.75; hooks for knitting fabric from No. 2 to No. 3.75.

Amethyst beads.

knitted cardigan

Completing of the work

Connect the elements according to schemes A - I.

crochet pattern

 Please note that circular elements can be knitted either completely or fragmentarily (compare patterns A and G. You can knit according to the given patterns, or you can come up with your own options based on them.

The patterns are not an exact copy, but only show the principle of knitting. When doing the work, improvise, use voluminous bindings, textured posts, different types of crayfish step.

 The circles are crocheted No. 2.5, curls – No. 2.75. Steam the connected elements and let them dry.

Based on scheme E, several options can be linked.

 Firstly, with or without bourdon. Bourdon is a thick thread of the same color as for the motifs. It is laid along the working row and tied with a working thread RLS, remaining inside the knitting. The use of bourdon allows you to create the effect of reliefs. Secondly, instead of C1H, you can knit lush columns or “popcorn”. The second row of sc can be knitted behind the legs of the sc of the previous row. You can tie the elements in a “crawfish step” or add a picot over every 5-7th sc.

 The size of the element can be changed by increasing the number of sc in the first row. At the desired curves, work a D1H over each sc.

knitted cardigan

Having connected the elements, proceed to assembling the bodice.

According to Fig. or according to individual sizes, make a life-size pattern for the bodice and sleeves from dense polyethylene.


 The fabric of the bodice along the side seams should be solid, and sew the shoulders. Baste the top of the sleeve pattern.

 The most interesting stage has come: creating the composition. Be guided by the photo or your own taste.

First, lay out the largest and most spectacular motifs - these are accents. Surround them with medium-sized motifs. It is advisable to place arched motifs at the neckline to give it a beautiful shape.

Pin the elements in the selected places, wrong side up. Fill some of the free space between the elements with trefoils and circles.

If you have a mannequin, place a plastic sheet over it. Evaluate the composition again and, if necessary, adjust the arrangement of elements. If you like everything, shoot and continue working. Baste all elements securely so that there is no deformation during the stitching process. Please note that you will see the wrong side of the product. Sew touching motifs. Fill the empty spaces between the elements with bridges (Fig. No. 1).

After finishing work, remove the basting.

Knit the fabric of the lower part of the cardigan according to pattern K.

crochet pattern

 It has an expanded shape, but no additions need to be made. It is enough to switch to crocheting a larger number.

 Start crocheting number 2, then use numbers 2.5, 3, 3.5, 3.75. That is, every 16 cm of fabric, knit with a new crochet hook.

 Using the same pattern K, knit the middle part of the sleeves with crochet number 2.75. Make increases on the sides to expand the fabric.

 Steam all the knitting parts and sew them together.

Tie the edging around the perimeter of the product according to pattern L.

crochet pattern

 The twisted stitches are knitted as follows: around the connected C1H, make three yarn overs in turn and pull the PH through all the yarn overs at once.

 Sew amethyst beads into the middle of the motifs. Sew a strip of lace near the neckline.

knitted cardigan

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