Blouse "AURORA"
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Blouse "AURORA"

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Blouse "AURORA"



You will need: yarn YarnArt flowers (55% cotton, 45% acrylic, 1000 m/250 g) – 180 g sectionally dyed, hook number 2.5.


Dial 156 air. p., close it in a ring.

2nd row: double crochet, increase in every 13th stitch, total 12 increases per row = 168 stitches.

3rd row: double crochet, increase in every 14th stitch = 180 stitches.

4th row: knit the first row of the pattern along scheme 1.

crochet pattern

Next, divide the knitting as follows:
1 rapport for each raglan line (mark with markers),
2 rapports per sleeves,
before – 4 rapports,
back - 3 rapports.

In the places marked with markers, knit according to scheme 2 for the raglan line.

Knit the rest of the fabric according to the basic pattern without extensions. The yoke consists of 3 vertical repeats of the pattern.

Armholes (undercuts)

Connect the sleeves using 12 air. etc., thereby adding one rapport on the side.

Next, knit 4 vertical repeats in the round. Finish knitting with one row of double crochets.


Along the edge of the armhole, tie 7 horizontal repeats and 2 vertical repeats of the pattern. Finish knitting with a row of double crochets.
*horizontal repeat = 12 loops, vertical repeat = 6 rows.

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