Crochet lace chazuble or floor-length cardigan
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Crochet lace chazuble or floor-length cardigan

knitted cardigan

Delicate, elegant, luxurious and openwork chazuble will instantly charm you.

It can be called a cardigan or a floor-length summer coat, but the main thing is not the name, but the grace and sense of dignity that it carries and conveys to its owner.

It’s as if you begin to feel like a queen, a stature appears, your shoulders straighten and the inner state of pride raises your chin and makes you look confident.

At the same time, you remain a simple woman, going into life with tenderness and warmth on this day.

knitted cardigan

The author of the model is Nisiforova V.

Size: 48-50.


You will need materials:

  • 300g cotton (50g – 282m), 350g microfiber (50g – 250m),
  • hook No. 1.5,
  • 5 mother-of-pearl buttons with a “pearl” look.

Knit the details of the front, back and sleeves from individual motifs, connecting them in the process of completing the last row.

crochet pattern

Knit the first three rows and the binding of the motif with microfiber, and from the 4th to 6th with cotton yarn.

knitted cardigan

See the pattern diagram for the size of the parts and the number of motifs.

Tie the product around the perimeter with microfiber yarn according to the diagram.

crochet pattern

Sew the buttons to the front with binding thread.

knitted cardigan

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