Mustard dress
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Mustard dress

crochet dress

Mustard dress

 Size: 38

You will need: yarn “Malva” (50% cotton, 50% viscose, 350m/75r) – 1000g mustard color, hook No. 3.

 The product is knitted with a thread in 2 folds.

 Before starting work, make a life-size pattern for the product and make all decreases and additions in accordance with the pattern.


 The dress is knitted in parts: first the top part, then the skirt is tied to it in the round.

Back, top: dial 80 air.n. Knit st. s/n in accordance with the pattern, adding 1 stitch on both sides in every 6th row.

 After 23 cm from the cast-on row for the armhole, decrease on both sides 1 time x 5 p., 1 time x 3 p. and 3 times 1 p. Next, knit straight to the neckline.

For the neckline, leave the middle 20 stitches unknitted and knit both sides separately, knit the rounded neckline, following the pattern.

 Front, top: knit like a back, but with a deeper neckline.

Sleeves: dial 55 air. p. and knit st. s/n, adding 1 p on both sides. Then, to roll up the sleeves, decrease on both sides 1 time x5n., 1 time x3p. and 12 times x1 p. At a height of 15 cm from the beginning of the round, finish the work.

 Connect the back and front parts, sew the seams of the sleeves, sew in the sleeves.

 Bottom of the dress: attach the thread to the bottom of the upper part of the dress and knit in the round in a pattern according to the diagram.

crochet pattern

 Add loops in accordance with the diagram, gradually expanding the wedges from st. s/n.

 Finish knitting the hem 50 cm from the beginning of the openwork pattern.

Tie the sleeves in the same way.

Tie the bottom edge of the dress and sleeves with 1 row of stitches. b/n.

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