Dress like Kylie Minogue
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Dress like Kylie Minogue

The famous Australian singer came out wearing a dress that did not go unnoticed in any country in the world.

All the craftswomen wanted to repeat the same dress. What is his success? Only at first glance it seems that the dress is absolutely ordinary and of similar styles with patterns, as they say, “a dime a dozen.”

However, this is not at all true. The fitted style of the dress fits perfectly not only on the star's parameters, but allows every body type to look advantageous. A thin strap will further highlight your waistline. Excessively full or thin arms are perfectly hidden by the outfit designer’s idea - here the pattern located on the bodice continues on the sleeve, which creates a single composition and gives an excellent result.

knitted dress

Size 46 -48

It took 500g of Turkish yarn Sarmasik 200m/50g; hooks 2.25-2.5-2.75mm

knitted dress

Knit from neckline top to bottom.

Using hook No. 2.25, cast on a chain of 198 loops - 18 motifs (back and front - 5 repeats each, sleeves - 4 repeats each).

One repeat = 11 loops. Close it in a ring, knit according to the pattern.

Basic pattern diagram

crochet pattern
crochet pattern

Stages of knitting a dress bodice

crochet pattern

1 rapport in height – hook No. 2.25 – in arches 3VP

2 rapport – hook No. 2.5 – in arches 4 VP

3 rapport – hook No. 2.75 – in arches 4 VP – preparation for adding a motif along the raglan line   

4 rapport – hook No. 2.75 – in arches 5 VP – adding a motif along the raglan line (back and front – 7 rapports each, sleeves – 4 repeats each).

5 rapport - hook No. 2.75 in the arches 5 VP - front armhole: increasing the arches.

After 5 repeats in height, we divide the yoke into front, back and sleeves. We continue knitting the back separately.

5.1 Asian sprout – 1 rapport in height on the back – hook No. 2.75 – in 5VP arches. We knit only 7 back repeats.

6 rapport – we connect the front and the back (if there is not enough volume in the chest, we add a rapport in the undercut between the back and the front) and knit 14 rapports in a circle downwards (7 front + 7 back). – hook No. 2.75 – in arches 5 VP.

Undercut knitting pattern

crochet pattern

7 rapport – hook No. 2.5 – in arches 4 VP

8 rapport – hook No. 2.25 – in arches 4 VP

knitted dress


Next, knit the skirt according to crochet pattern No. 2.5 - 15-18cm.

crochet pattern
crochet pattern

To expand, change the hook to No. 2.75 and go to the diagram

crochet pattern
knitted dress

Having knitted 40 cm, we switch to knitting according to the pattern of the last repeat of the yoke and knit 30-35 cm - 8 repeats in height.

crochet pattern
knitted dress

Sleeves: we get another rapport along the sprout on the back (it turns out 5 rapports).

We knit two repeats in height with crochet No. 2.75 with 4 VPs in the arches.

knitted dress

Neck treatment: We knit 1 row of sc and 1 row of “crawfish step”.

Bead embroidery on the finished product.

Belt knitted from two strips of cord, folded and sewn together with beads. A thin elastic band is stretched inside the cord. For the belt on the dress, thin loops are tied on the sides.

knitted dress

The lining is stretch crepe chiffon, the color matched perfectly. The underdress is sewn to the neckline and pinned along the waistline.

Thank you for watching! My other works are here

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    me impresionó su trabajo, muchas gracias. Dios le bendiga siempre y siga compartiendo su trabajo.❤️🙏😘

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