Crochet dress – Only happiness, only love
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Crochet dress – Only happiness, only love

When choosing a wedding dress, every bride wants to have not just a beautiful outfit, but also an exclusive one. If your income is not at a high level, then purchasing such a dress is very difficult. Fortunately, you can go the other way - knitting your own wedding dress. Yes, in just such a simple, but rather complex way, you can get a truly unique and one-of-a-kind wedding dress.

knitted dress

Model Anna RADAEVA

Size: S.M.

 You will need: yarn (100% mercerized cotton, 565 m/100 g) – about 800 g white, hook No. 1.25, tulle – 2 m, stretch fabric for lining – 2 m, cups for bodice, zipper length 50 cm .

Before starting work, make life-size patterns for the product parts and make all increases and decreases in accordance with them.

Starting from the waist line, knit according to pattern 1 to the line under the bust.

crochet pattern

 Next, applying to the pattern, make the first roundness for the side of the chest.

 Repeat the second side symmetrically.

Knit the central part, constantly applying it to the pattern.

Sew the side seams.

 Tie the piece around the perimeter with single crochets.

Knit the bodice cups according to pattern 2 (2 parts).

crochet pattern

Apply the finished motif to the cup of the bodice, tie the missing distance with single crochets in shortened rows.

Tie the entire resulting motif in a circle with single crochets, gathering it together so that it doesn’t fall apart.

 Tie the finished cups to the main fabric using single crochets along the front side (see picture for mod. 1).

From the waistline, pick up loops for the skirt.

 To do this, divide the entire width of the waist into 7 parts with markers.

 Knit according to pattern 3 15-20 cm.

crochet pattern

 After this, connect the edges of the fabric and knit in circular rows further according to pattern 4 for about 30 cm.

crochet pattern
crochet dress

Tie the first wedge in the middle according to pattern 5.

crochet pattern

 Continue knitting the pattern for another 30 cm, then make two more wedges using the same pattern as the first. At the same time, smoothly move to scheme 6.

crochet pattern

Continue knitting according to pattern 7 for another 20-30 cm.

crochet pattern
crochet dress

Separately knit 12 motifs according to pattern 8.

crochet pattern

After this, tie the motifs to the main fabric, as shown in diagram 9.

crochet pattern

For cap sleeves, knit two semicircular motifs according to pattern 10.

crochet pattern

 Tie the straps of the required length according to pattern 10 and attach them in the center of each sleeve.

Sew buttons and eyelets.

 Do an OBE, sew in push-up cups.

 If desired, you can sew an underdress with a tulle skirt and trim it with artificial pearls.

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