Pullover with diamond pattern
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Pullover with diamond pattern

knitted pullover

Pullover with diamond pattern

Dimensions: 36/38 (46/48)


 You will need: 400 (500) g cane colored Jeans yarn (60% cotton, 40% polyacrylic, 130 m/50 g); hook number 4.

 Basic pattern: the number of dialed-on stitches is a multiple of 18 + 3 + 4 air. lifting point.

Knit according to pattern 1.

Every r. start with 4 air. p. lifting instead of the 1st st. s/2n and loops before rapport, repeat rapport, end with loops after rapport.

 Repeat 1 time from the 1st to the 7th row, then repeat from the 2nd to the 7th row.

crochet pattern

 Attention! Diagram 2 shows the full neckline for size 36/38; central repeat of the main pattern + on both sides 1/2 repeat + 1 final stitch, as well as all rows.

crochet pattern

 Diagram 3 shows the actual left side of the neckline for size 46/48, perform the right side symmetrically, to do this, re-attach the thread to the middle stitch and start with k1. R.; 1/2 repeat + 1 repeat to the middle and middle stitch of the main pattern are shown, as well as all rows.

crochet pattern

Pico pattern: the number of initial points is a multiple of 8.

Knit in circular r. according to scheme 4 on the inlaid edge.

Each circular r. start with 1 air. p. instead of 1st tbsp. b/n, repeat rapport, end with loops after rapport and 1 connection. Art. in air n. beginning.

Repeat 1 time from the 1st to the 3rd circular row.

crochet pattern

Knitting density main pattern: 16 cast-on stitches and 5.5 r. = 10 x 10 cm.

Back: tie a chain of 75 (93) air. n. + 4 air. rise stitches and knit with the main pattern = 3 (4) repeats + initial and final stitches.

 After 67 cm = 37 r. (78 cm = 43 r.) From the cast-on edge, knit another 1 purl for a strong finishing edge. R. Art. b/n and finish the work.

Back height = 67.5 (78.5) cm.

 Before: knit the same way, but after 49 cm = 27 r. (54.5 cm = 30 r.) From the cast-on edge, divide the work in the middle to cut out the neckline and finish both sides separately according to pattern 2 (3).

 At back height = after the last r. scheme 2 (3) finish the work on the shoulder loops with 1 final p. from Art. b/n.

Sleeves: tie a chain of 47 (55) air. n. + 4 air. rise sts and knit with the main pattern, starting with the last 5 (9) sts before the repeat, knit 2 repeats, finish with the first 6 (10) sts.

 For sleeve bevels, add from the cast-on edge on both sides in every 2nd r. 8 x 1 tbsp. s/2n, including them in the pattern.

 Finish work in 29 cm = 16 r. from the typesetting edge.

 Assembly: sew shoulder seams.

Tie the neckline in 1 circular row. Art. b/n and “crawfish step” (= st. b/n from left to right).

 Sew the sleeves into the upper 19.5 (23) cm of the back and front so that the middle of the sleeve coincides with the shoulder seam, sew side seams and sleeve seams.

 Tie the bottom edge of the pullover and the edges of the sleeves with 3 circular stitches. pattern with picot, while in the 1st circular row. perform 18 (23) repeats on the bottom edge of the pullover, 5 (6) repeats on the edges of the sleeves.

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