Gray-lilac suit
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Gray-lilac suit

crochet knitted suit

Size: 40/42


You will need: yarn “Tenderness” (47% cotton, 53% viscose, 400 m/100 g) – 700 g gray-pink, 400 g light lilac, hook No. 2.5.

Pullover: The front and back are knitted together, first the lower part from top to bottom, then the upper part from bottom to top. Knit with thread in two folds.

For the lower part, tie a chain of 210 air. p., close it in a circle, knit 7 cm according to scheme 1.

crochet pattern

Then knit the pattern according to scheme 2 seven repeats, knitting the pattern to the end of the pattern.

crochet pattern

Knit the top of the pullover along the top edge according to scheme 3 – 11 cm.

crochet pattern

Then we make armholes, knit the front and back separately.

Back: for armholes, decrease 5 cm on both sides in three steps. Knit according to pattern 3.

50 cm from the very bottom edge of the back for the neckline, close off the middle 42 stitches, finishing the shoulders separately.

After 17 cm from the beginning of the armhole, complete the work.

Before: the left and right parts are knitted separately, because The height of the neckline and armholes are the same.

To do this, do not knit 11 stitches from the neckline, but make an armhole as on the back.

Then decrease for the neckline on each row of 10 x 1 sts. Then knit straight.

After 17 cm from the beginning of the armhole, complete the work.

Sleeves: tie a chain of 90 air. knit according to pattern 1 - 18 cm, perform 3 repeats according to pattern 2 - this is the lower part of the sleeve.

Continue knitting along the top edge according to the pattern 3 - 11 cm.

Make a decrease for the armhole, like on the back of a pullover. Finish the work at a height of 58 cm from the cast-on edge.

For a better fit of the sleeves, make even decreases along the edges in the last few rows.

Assembly: complete all seams.

Tie the neckline with light lilac thread in 2 rows of st. b/n and 1 nearby -*st. s/n, 1 air. P.

Link the item by scheme 4, in the last row, attach it to the neck.

crochet pattern

Tie two chains of air. p., pull them into the sleeves at the junction of the patterns. Tie any fancy flower and sew it to a pullover.

crochet pattern

Skirt: start from the bottom.

Using gray-pink yarn, cast on a chain of 210 chains. p., close it in a ring, knit 7 repeats according to pattern 2.

Along the top edge, start working with light lilac yarn, st. s/n – 19 cm.

Then, for side bevels on both sides, decrease 8 × 1 stitches in every 2nd row.

For the waistband, fold in approximately 1.5 cm, hem, and insert an elastic band.

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