Top in swing technique
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Top in swing technique

knitted top

The master class was conducted by Elena Zakharkina.


 For this model, I advise you to choose sectionally dyed yarn with contrasting color sections. This will highlight the pattern that is formed when making shortened rows.

 Try to knit full rows with one color of yarn, shortened sections with another. If the section of yarn does not correspond to the desired one, then unwind part of the thread to the required section and continue knitting.

Size: XS-S


You will need: Novita Puro Batic yarn (100% acrylic, 200 m/100 g) – 200 g sectionally dyed, hook No. 3.5.

Tape inlaid edge

Fig 1 –

Work the ribbon cast-on edge using single crochet stitches with a base loop.

1st row – cast on a chain of 4 chains. p., yarn over the hook, insert the hook into the 1st chain stitch, p., pull out 1 loop and knit it like a chain stitch. There are 3 loops on the hook. Now knit a regular stitch with one crochet. The first stitch is knitted.

Fig 2 –

Second stitch: Yarn over, insert hook into both links of the bottom loop, pull a loop through and work through, then double crochet.

Rice. 3 –

Continue knitting all subsequent stitches in the same way as the 2nd stitch until the desired length of the strip.



Rice. 4 -

tie the ribbon onto the cast-on edge with a base loop of 68 stitches. This will be the first row of the diagram.

Next, knit, following the pattern.

crochet pattern

 Starting from the 4th row, knit shortened rows. Work 40 double crochets, the next 2 double crochets and 1 double crochet with a common top.

Rice. 5 -

Unfold the fabric and knit the 5th row of the pattern: 3 air. p. rise, knit together a double crochet stitch and 2 single crochet stitches with a common top.

Next, work double crochets into each stitch of the previous row until the end of the row.

Fig.6 –

Continue knitting according to the pattern - a total of 6 shortened rows.

 10-13th rows - knit completely (= 68 st. s/n).

After this, knit again in shortened rows, but place them symmetrically first - in another part of the row.

After completing 21 rows of the pattern, the canvas is leveled.

Knit 3 repeats of the pattern in height (63 rows).

Next, repeat the 1st and 2nd rows, then knit only the shoulder loops (= 17 treble stitches from one edge of the row and from the other).


Use a loop-to-loop seam to connect the front and back along the shoulders.

Tie the neckline with single crochets.

Sew the side seams, leaving 18 cm down from the edge of the shoulder for the armhole.

Tie the armholes this way:

 1st row – single crochet stitches,

2nd row – openwork pattern (2nd row of the diagram),

3rd row – single crochets.

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