Tunic “Yellow Roses”
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Tunic “Yellow Roses”

knitted tunic

How beautiful, how fresh the roses were! When you look at this delightful tunic, you want to speak exclusively in poetry.

Model Valentina Dyachenko

 Size: 50(XXXL)


You will need: yarn “Chamomile” (100% mercerized cotton, 320 m/100 g) – 600 g yellow, hook No. 1,2.

 Main pattern: fillet mesh – *1 tbsp. s/n, 2 air. P.*.

knitted tunic

 Back: dial the initial chain of 177 VOZD. P. + 3 air. lifting point.

 Knit the pattern according to pattern 1, which consists of 59 fillet cells.

fillet knitting

Knit the neckline according to diagram 2.

fillet knitting
fillet knitting

Before: knit similarly, but with a deeper neckline (see diagram 3).

fillet knitting

Sew shoulder seams.

Tie on the front and back pieces on both sides by 3 centimeters (=6 fillet squares).

 Knit, starting from the hem of the front piece and to the end of the back, in turning rows with a fillet net.

 Then measure 23 cm from the top of the shoulder seam for the armhole and start knitting the side corner.

 Tie the thread to the bottom of the part and knit with a fillet mesh until there are 2 fillet squares left before the mark indicating the beginning of the armhole.

 Next, knit together 2 tbsp. s/n from the back, art. s/n – center of the armhole, 2 tbsp. s/n from the front side, that is, knit together bst. s/n.

 Work a row to the bottom edge of the front. Knit similarly in turning rows until 20 fillet squares remain to the bottom edge of the tunic.

Cut the thread.

You will get an unknitted corner, forming a side cut.

 On the other side, form a mirror image corner.

knitted tunic

 Sleeves: attach the thread to the bottom of the armhole and the beginning of the corner.

 Knit with fillet net in the round to the required length.

 Tie the hem and sleeves with 1 stitch next to each other. s/n and border according to scheme 4.

crochet pattern

 Tie the neckline with 2 rows of st. s/n and border according to scheme 5.

crochet pattern

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