Openwork jumper
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Openwork jumper

knitted pullover

Openwork jumper with a round mohair yoke

Size: 44-46

You will need: 500 g mohair yarn (400 m/100 g); round knitting needles No. 4 (for ease of work, 4 pairs)

The model is made with stockinette needles and has an openwork yoke using the raglan technique. Tie a 10 x 10 cm sample, steam and dry. Calculate the loops according to your own dimensions. Decide on the long sleeves and the desired length of the jumper.

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Back: cast on the knitting needles the required number of loops for the back and knit a 1 x 1 elastic band 7 cm wide. Next, knit a straight fabric of the required length to the armhole line. Put down your knitting

Before: cast on the loops in the same way as the back. Next, knit a straight fabric as long as the back, up to the armhole line

Sleeve: cast on the required number of loops on the knitting needles and knit a 1 x 1 elastic band 7 cm wide. Knit the fabric of the desired sleeve width to the armhole. In every 6th row, add 1 loop to widen the sleeves. Put down your knitting. Knit the second sleeve in the same way.

Raglan: assemble all parts of the jumper on one knitting needle in the sequence: front, sleeve, front, sleeve, back. Next, knit a round raglan yoke according to pattern No. 1. As soon as the neck size reaches your size, knit a 1 x 1 elastic band of the desired height, fold it in half and sew the loops along the neckline on the inside.

Assembly: sew side seams and sleeve seams.

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