Long cardigan with side slits
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Long cardigan with side slits

knitted cardigan

Here everything works for lightness and grace, and the openwork pattern, and high 6-eye slits. When leaving home, take this long cardigan with you - in case it suddenly gets cold!

Dimensions: 34/36 (42/44)


You will need: yarn (100% cotton; 130 m/50 g) – 500 (600) g black; knitting needles No. 4.5; hook number 4.

Pattern 1: openwork pattern (the number of loops is a multiple of 1O + 3 + 2 edge loops) = knit according to. scheme. It contains front and back rows. Start with 1 edge and loops before the repeat, repeat the repeat constantly, finish with loops after the repeat and 1 edge. Constantly repeat 1-8th r.

knitting pattern

Attention: when performing incomplete repeats (= neck binding), make sure that the number of yarn overs and stitches knitted together inside the pattern coincides.

Knitting density: 19 p. x 26 r. = 10 x10cm.


cast on 85 (105) sts on the needles and knit 1 purl row. This series is not taken into account in subsequent calculations. Continue working with pattern 1.
After 80 cm = 208 rub. from the initial row close all the loops, with the middle 25 sts forming the neckline, the outer 30 (40) sts forming the shoulders.

Right shelf:

cast on 45 (55) sts on the needles and knit 1 purl row. Continue working with pattern 1. At the height of the back, close 30 (40) shoulder stitches along the left edge.
For the back neckline, continue working on the remaining 15 stitches with pattern 1, the loop on the left edge will become an edge stitch. After 87 cm = 226 rubles. From the initial row, close the loops.

Left shelf:

knit in the same way as the right shelf, but in a mirror image.


cast on 55 (65) sts on the knitting needles for each sleeve and knit 1 purl row. Continue working with pattern 1. After 46 cm = 120 r. From the beginning row, close all loops.


sew shoulder seams.
Sew the back seam of the back and sew the binding into the neck of the back according to. pattern from A to B, while slightly adjusting the binding.

Sew in the sleeves, sew the sleeve seams and side seams, leaving the bottom 30 cm open for cuts.

Tie 1 circle around the open edges of the neck tape, the sides of the shelves, the bottom edge and the slits. R. “crawfish step” (= st. b/n, perform in the direction from left to right).

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