Multicolor Warm Oversized Cardigan
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Multicolor Warm Oversized Cardigan

knitted cardigan

This beautiful bright oversized cardigan model simply amazes with its colors and style. A wrap-around spacious cadigan in ethno style is assembled from two fabrics, each of which is knitted from the sleeve.





Yarn (50% merino wool, 50% acrylic; 55 m/50 g) – 100 g each of mustard, orange and indigo, 250 g of wine red, 300 g of white and 800 g of dark blue; circular knitting needles No. 7, 100 cm long.


Alternately 1 knit and 1 purl.


Front rows - front loops, purl rows - purl loops.


It is made using stockinette stitch using the intarsia technique. Knit according to patterns A or B in rows in forward and reverse directions. Read front rows from right to left, purl rows from left to right. The diagrams show all rows: 1 cell corresponds to 1 loop.

knitting pattern

Color distribution - see symbols for the diagram. The colored areas are limited by the outline; the numbers inside the outlines indicate the colors of the threads. When changing colors, cross the threads on the wrong side so that holes do not form in the knitted fabric.

In width, start with 7 sts before the 1st arrow, repeat the repeat of 6 sts between the arrows, end 7 sts after the 2nd arrow. First and last loops = edge stitches.


12 p. x 17 r. = 10 x 10 cm, tied with an elastic band;
12 p. x 14 r. = 10 x 10 cm, knitted with a multi-color pattern using intarsia technique.


The product consists of 2 parts, each of which is knitted from the bottom edge of the sleeve.


For the left sleeve, cast on 60 stitches with crossed loops with an additional thread of dark blue yarn and knit with an elastic band in rows in forward and reverse directions, starting with the front row (so that when you turn up the bottom of the sleeve, the cast-on row is visible).

After 25 cm = 43 r. Purl 1 row, adding 1 stitch on both sides = 62 stitches on the needles.

Continue the work according to pattern A using stockinette stitch using the intarsia technique, performing 8 repeats in each row.

For bevels in the 7th r. from the elastic band, first add 1 stitch on both sides, then in every 8th row. 4 more times 1 p., then in the 4th r. 1 time for 1 p. and in every 2nd p. 2 times 1 p. = 78 p. Include added loops in a multi-color pattern.

After 36 cm from the elastic band (= 50 r. for a multi-color pattern), cast on 58 sts on both sides for the front and back = 194 sts on the knitting needles.

Continue working with a multi-color pattern using the intarsia technique, starting with 7 stitches before the repeat, repeat the repeat 30 times, ending with 7 stitches after the repeat.

After 36 cm = 86 r. according to pattern A, leave 97 stitches on the left edge for the shelf temporarily.

On the remaining 97 sts from the right edge, knit the back, to do this, perform another 14 sts. according to diagram A and close the back loops.


Knit according to pattern B in a mirror image.


Pin the details onto the pattern, moisten and leave until dry.

Sew the middle back seam, side seams and sleeve seams.

Along the bottom edge of the product, cast on 152 sts, transfer the remaining 97 sts of the left shelf to the working knitting needles, cast on 32 sts along the edge of the neckline and transfer the remaining 97 sts of the right shelf to the working knitting needles = 378 sts on the needles in total.

Then close 152 sts of the bottom edge, and knit a placket on the remaining 226 sts. If the width of the plank is 20 cm, close the loops.

Turn the bottom of the sleeves outwards and attach the cuffs in several places.

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