Dress made of knitted circles
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Dress made of knitted circles

You won't believe what you can do with knitted circles! Only Nicky Epstein always finds stunning knitwear designs, clothing and accessories and starts with a simple circle. One circle and it’s a stylish hat or a charming cape. Two and you have a unique handbag. More circles and you can make: scarves, capes, sweaters, or a stunning lace dress!

Dress “Eternity”

knitted dress

Size S/M(L)

Product size

 – Chest circumference approximately 86.5 (101.5) cm.

– Length approximately 100.5 (110.5) cm.

Note: the length and width of the product are adjusted during assembly by moving the circles relative to each other.


_ yarn 80g/366m (50% silk/50% mohair with lurex); 4(5) cappuccino skeins;

_ size S/M: circular and double needles 3.5 mm.

_ size L: circular and double needles 3.5 mm.

_ stitch marker,

_ tapestry needle.

_ 21 Swarovski crystal beads (8 mm);

– needle and suitable thread;

Bought or handmade lining.

Knitting density

S/M 24 p. and 30 rub. = 10 cm in stockinette stitch with thinner knitting needles.

L: 22p. and 28r. = 10 cm in stockinette stitch with thicker needles.

Be sure to check the knitting density.

knitted dress

Circle (33 pcs.)

Make 11 small rounds (approx. 12.5 cm) by working rows 1-22 of the Lace Swirl round. 

Make 16 medium-sized circles (approx. 19 cm). knitting rows 1-28.

knitting patterns
knitting pattern

Scheme of the main motive

knitting patterns

Make 6 large rounds (approx. 23cm) by working rows 1-34.

For all circles

Knit the hem as follows:

Row 1,3: purl.

Row 2: knit.

Bind off the stitches using a needle one number larger.

Back frill

Using knitting needles of your size, cast on 80 (90) sts.

Row with additions (front side): 1 knit, 1 p. from broach, knit. to the last loop, 1 stitch from the broach, 1 knit stitch..

Continue with stockinette stitch, repeat increasing in each knit. another 18 (20) times (118 (130) sts.) Knit evenly in stocking stitch until 35.5 (40.5) cm, or to the desired length. Finish with a purl row.

Row with decreases (front side): 10 faces, * 2 p. knit together, knit 10, repeat from * (109(120) p.)

Next row: purl.

Close the loops.


Frill border

With the right side facing you, cast on approximately 290(310) stitches evenly. along the sides and the gathered edge of the frill. Tie 3 p. persons n. Close the loops without tightening.


Distribute the circles as shown in the diagram, starting from top to bottom, partially overlapping each other.

Sew the details. Spread the frill loosely at the bottom of the back so that the circles partially overlap, and sew the side edges of the frill.

knitted dress

Flower (13 pcs.)

Cast on 6 sts.

Row 1 (knit side): K3, yo, k3. (7p.).

Row 2 and purl all: knit.

Row 3: K3, yo, k4. (8p.)

Row 5: K3, yarn over, k5. (9p.)

Row 7: K3, yo, k6. (10 p.)

Row 9: K3, yo, k7. (11 p.)

Row 11: K3, yo, k8. (12 p.)

Row 12: cast off 6 stitches, knit. p. to the end (6 p.)

Repeat rows 1-12 4 more times. Bind off the remaining 6 stitches, break the thread, leaving 20 cm.

Sew the closed edge to the cast-on edge, then pull the remaining thread through the “eyes,” pull and fasten. Sew 3 beads into the center of 4 flowers and 1 bead into the center of 9 flowers.

Sew flowers to the dress as shown in the picture.


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