Светло-бежевый пуловер прямого силуэта
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Light beige straight pullover

knitted pullover

An openwork pullover with a straight silhouette is knitted with an openwork pattern in the form of shells from cotton yarn in a warm sand color. The sleeves are knitted in stockinette stitch.

Dimensions: 36/38 (42) 46/48


You will need: yarn (52% recycled polyester, 48% recycled cotton; 100 m/50 g) -350 (400) 450 g light beige; knitting needles No. 5.5; short circular knitting needles No. 5.5; hook number 4.

Pattern 1: лицевая гладь = ряды в прямом и обратном направлении: лицевые ряды — лицевые петли, изнаночные ряды — изнаночные петли.
Круговые ряды: лицевые петли.

Pattern 2: изнаночная гладь = лицевые ряды — изнаночные петли, изнаночные ряды-лицевые петли.

Pattern 3: ажурный узор (число петель кратно 16 + 1+2 кромочные) = вязать согласно схеме. На ней даны лицевые и изнаночные ряды. Начать с 1 кромочной и петель перед раппортом, раппорт постоянно повторять, закончить петлями после раппорта и 1 кромочной.
Constantly repeat 1-24th r.

knitting pattern

Knitting density: узор 3 — 17 п. х 17 р. = 10 х 10 см; узор 1 — 17 п. х 25 р. = 10 х 10 см.

Attention: рукава вяжутся на изделии; стрелка на выкройке = направление вязания.

Description of work:

Back: cast on 83 (99) 115 sts on the knitting needles and knit 1 purl row. This series is not taken into account further. Continue working with pattern 3.

After 60 cm = 102 r. From the initial row, knit another 1 cm = 2 r. pattern 1 and then bind off all stitches like knit stitches.

The middle 47 sts form the neckline, the outer 18 (26) 34 sts form the shoulders.

Before: knit like a back.

Sleeves: sew the shoulder seams first. Sew the side seams at 22.5 (21) 19 cm, respectively, with the top 19.5 (21) 23 cm forming armholes, the bottom 19 cm - side slits. Along the edges of the armholes, cast on 65 (71) 77 sts on circular needles and knit with pattern 1 in circular rows, while marking both loops before and after the side seam as a seam line.

At the same time, knit for the bevels of the sleeves on both sides of the marked loops in every 4th r. 8 x 2 p. together. In this case, knit both loops in front of the seam line together with a tilt to the left, knit both loops after the seam line together = 49 (55) 61 sts.

After 18 cm = 45 rub. From the beginning of knitting the sleeves, knit another 1 cm = 2 rounds. R. purl, then bind off all stitches as if purling.

Assembly: tie 1 circle around the edge of the neckline. R. conn. Art.

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