Pullover with "Buds" pattern
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Pullover with "Buds" pattern

knitted pullover

Pullover with "Buds" pattern

Size: S/M, [/Х[, Х/ХХ.

Bust circumference: 99 (122, 146) cm. • Length: 54.5 (58, 61) cm. • Sleeve width: 39.5 (43, 48) cm.


Materials for knitting a pullover: 16 (20, 24) skeins of USDK yarn from Knit Ope, CrosbeYo Too (25g/80m, wool).

Knitting needles No. 3.25 and No. 3.5 mm. Circular needles No. 3.25 mm, length 40 cm. Auxiliary needle

Work density: 24 p. and 32 r. = 10 cm, according to the pattern, knitting needles 3.5 mm.

Knitting back

Cast on 111 (139, 167) sts on needles No. 3.25. Knit 11 r. persons p. Then change the knitting needles to No. 3.5 and knit 2 r. purl p., 1 r. persons P.

The beginning of the pattern. 1st (persons) row: start from the 2nd point of the 1st row. pattern, knit to the end of the 14th stitch, then repeat the 1-14th stitch another 7 (9, 11) times. Continue according to the scheme until the end of the 20th row, then repeat. 11-20th r.,

AT THE SAME TIME, adding 1 stitch (in the purl stitch) on each side in the next row. purl r., then every 2nd r. 2 more times, = 117 (145, 173) p.

Knit straight until 11-20 r. will be executed 7 times.

knitting pattern

Knit rows 21-33 according to the pattern only on the loops of the first and last reports of 14 p., and in the remaining reports continue to knit a report of 10 p., as established.

When 33 r. will be completed on these extreme loops and the length of the part will be about 33 cm from the start of work, start knitting the armholes.

Knitting armholes

Cast off 11 stitches at the beginning of the next stitch. 2 rubles Decrease 1 stitch on each side in each purl. R. 6 times, = 83 (111, 139) sts. ii knit straight until repeat from 10 r. (11-20th row of the scheme) will be performed 13 (14, 15) times from the start of work. Then knit the 21st-33rd r. on all stitches to complete the pattern and then continue purl. stitch until the armhole length reaches 19 (22, 25.5) cm.

Knitting shoulder bevels

Cast off 7 (10, 13) sts at the beginning of the next stitch. 4 p., 6 (10, 14) p. at the beginning of the next. 4 rubles Bind off the remaining 31 stitches for the back neckline.

knitted pullover

Knitting front

Knit as for the back, including the design of the armholes, until the report is from 10 r. (11-20th row of the scheme) will be performed 12 (13, 14) times. Then knit the 21st-33rd r. on the middle 2 reports, continuing the pattern on the outer 2 (3, 4) reports on each side of the middle loops.

Then doing 1 more p. purl stitch on medium 29 stitches, finish with knitting neckline.

Knitting the neckline

Track. R. (persons): knit 29 (43, 57) sts, attach the 2nd skein of yarn and bind off the middle 25 sts, knit to the end. Making both sides as one piece, but from different skeins, subtract 1 st on each side of the neckline in the next. 3 p. R.,

At the same time, finish the outer 2 (3, 4) stitches, as on the back, and when the length of the armhole reaches the same height as on the back, close 7 (10, 13) stitches from the shoulders 2 times, then 6 (10, 14) p. 2 times.

Knitting sleeves

Using smaller numbered needles, cast on 47 (57, 69) sts.

Knit 11 p. persons p. Change to knitting needles of a larger number and knit 2 r. purl p., 1 r. persons p. Place markers to indicate the middle 13 sts. Beginning of the pattern. 1st (knit.) row: 17 (22, 28) purl., start with 2nd st. 1st row. patterns, knit to the end of the 14th stitch, 17 (22, 28) purl.

Continue, positioning the pattern as installed, working from the outer sides of it to purl. stitch until the 10th row is completed. patterns, then knit 21-33 r. according to the diagram, to complete the bud pattern, then continue on all loops. iron until the end of the work,

At the same time, adding 1 stitch on each side in every 6th row. 10 times, then every 4th r. 13 times, = 93 (103, 115) sts. Knit straight until the length of the piece reaches 48 cm from the start of work. Place markers on each side 5cm down from the last row or 43cm from where you started.

knitted pullover

Knitting okata sleeves

Decrease 1 st on each side in each row 6 times. Cast off remaining 81 (91, 103) sts.
Sew shoulder seams. Wash the parts, arrange them according to the pattern and let them dry.

Knitting neck trim and assembling the product

From persons On the sides of the work along the edge of the neckline, cast on 78 stitches evenly on circular needles. Close the work in a circle, marking the beginning of the circular row. Also place markers to mark the middle 25 stitches of the front. Knit (1 round p. p. p., 1 round r. knit p.) 5 times,

Simultaneously, in the 2nd and 5th circle. persons R. knit 2 stitches together. before the 1st marker and pull through (= remove 1 p. knit 1, pull the removed p. through it) after the 2nd marker. After all 10 rows, knit all stitches. Sew the sleeves into the armholes, aligning the marked points with the 11th closed stitch. Sew the side seams and sleeve seams.

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