Crochet Dress – “Noemia”
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Crochet Dress – “Noemia”

This crochet dress is inspired from and designed by Katia Portes.

To get started you need 500g (1.1 pound) of Turkish Yarn Sarmasik 200m/50g:

  • cotton 60%
  • acryl 20%
  • viscose 20%

Hooks used – Clover Nr 2.25 – 2.5 – 2.75 – 3.00mm.

Start with knit patterns and floral motifs.

For floral motif use the hook Nr 2,75 using the scheme below:

Center Motif Pattern

The pattern for strapping the middle of the motif

Step by Step guidance for Floral Motif

Knit 3 rows as per the scheme and this is what you should get:

crochet motif

Move to the second scheme.

By connecting columns, we reach the third double crochet(DC) in our last row.

As follows 5 chains (CH), Single Crochet (SC) into Double Crochet(DC) from 1st row (Schema 1).

Next: 4 CH, SC into 3rd DC 3rd row (Scheme 1), 4 CH, SC into DC 1st row (Scheme 1) etc…

CH lifting, 6 SC after first arc of CH.

CH lifting, 5 CH, DC after chain in 3rd row (Scheme 1).

5 CH, SC into the top of our petal.

Next, go through the connecting posts to the middle of the arch from chain, do CH lifting, 2 CH and knit a pico trefoil.

Triple "PICOT":

Tying to the right place, do 3 CH and lock them in a loop. Then make a second group of 3 CH and connect it in a loop. Third, the last one, make 3 CH in a loop. You should get a triple “Picot” in a row, which should be fixed by knitting a connecting column, thereby forming a trefoil.

crochet pattern

Floral stripe with motifs on the hem

knitted dress

Motif Connection Pattern

crochet pattern

Knit the following dress motifs:

  • for cap sleeves – 2x3=6 motifs
  • for a single strip of motifs – 10 motifs
  • for the hem strip – 2x14=28 motifs

The motifs are connected to each other while knitting the last row.

 We start knitting the dress from the waist. We knit the initial row like this: *4VP, DC in the first loop of the chain*, etc. The initial row can also be knitted with an elastic set of loops.

Start knitting a dress

knitted dress

We knit the dress downwards in a tight pattern according to pattern 3:

We start crocheting number 2.25 and change it to a larger number every 6 rows. We knit the last rows of the dense pattern with crochet number 3.0mm.

Dense pattern pattern 3

crochet pattern
crochet pattern
knitted dress

The length of the skirt knitted with a pattern according to pattern 3 is 50 cm.

Next, we switch to an openwork pattern according to pattern 4. Only instead of 3DC we knit 2DC. We monitor the number of repeats - for one floral motif there are 3 repeats of an openwork pattern. Stripe of floral motifs – 10 motifs = 30 repeats.

Openwork pattern scheme 4

crochet pattern
knitted dress

You can immediately knit a frill along the last row of pattern 2.

knitted dress

The openwork stripes connecting the stripes of floral motifs depend on the length of the skirt. We calculate the remaining length, without the dense part and stripes of motifs, and divide in half.

In the last row of the first openwork part we tie up a strip of single motifs. Clinging to the pico sl st and dc.

Next we knit the second openwork strip. We increase the number of repeats by expanding the canvas to connect with a double stripe of floral motifs. Wide stripe of floral motifs – 14 motifs = 42 repeats of openwork pattern. This means you need to get 12 repeats of the openwork pattern.

Also in the last row we tie a hem strip made of floral motifs. The skirt is ready.

knitted dress

We knit the bodice of the dress with an openwork pattern according to the pattern 4 - 8 cm. We begin crocheting No. 2.5 - openwork pattern. Next, we switch to dense pattern 3 and change the hook to a larger size No. 2.75 - 3.0mm.

We knit to the armhole and divide the knitting into front and back. On the sides we leave 3-4 cm for the armhole. Then straight to the shoulder line. We connect the shoulder seams. The neckline is boat-shaped, the openwork is elastic and does not require additional processing.

We tie the sleeves - wings into the armholes.

And we finish the job with a mini frill on the bodice of the dress.

knitted dress
knitted dress

Thanks for watching!

You can see my other works here*****

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