White linen suit
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White linen suit

crochet knitted suit

The author of the model is Marina Arkhangelskaya

Materials: 700 g white linen yarn. Hook No. 2.5.
Size: 52

Execution: The costume consists of a skirt and blouse.
The skirt is made in the transverse knitting direction.
To draw a skirt drawing you need to measure 3 measurements:
1) Hip circumference (About)
2) Waist circumference (From)
3) Skirt length (Du).


Construct a drawing of the skirt - fig. 1. The main knitting pattern for the skirt is CH. Along the bottom of the skirt there is a border and stitching using the fillet knitting technique. Knit a sample border pattern (see diagram 1, diagram 2) and determine its size based on the bottom of the skirt.

crochet pattern

Knit a sample pattern from CH, determine the knitting density and make a calculation to start knitting (length of the skirt without border + length of border). Determine how many columns there are in the area from the waist line to the hip line. Determine how many rows you need to knit to get the required width of the skirt. The fitting of the skirt is done by replacing the dc in a certain order with sc, i.e. using posts of different heights. Knit a sample pattern from the sc and determine how many centimeters the sc row is below the dc row.

crochet pattern

Attention! When calculating, be sure to take into account that linen yarn shrinks significantly after washing. Therefore, knitted samples must be washed and dried, and then knitting density calculations can be made based on the processed samples.

In our case, the following calculation results were obtained. Knit for the skirt 207 VP + 3 VP for the rise. And in the 1st row there is the following distribution of loops: 67 loops for the border, then 15 dc, 15 loops for the seam and 110 dc for the upper part of the skirt. In order to perform the fitting, in the area from the waist line to the hip line (56 stitches), in every 4th row we will replace part of the dc with sc, namely:
Rows 1-3: 110 DC of the skirt and then stitching and hem.
4th row: 14 sc (from the waist), 96 dc, then stitch and border.
Rows 5-7: 110 DC of the skirt and then stitching and hem.
8th row: 28 sc (from the waist), 82 dc, then stitch and border.
Rows 9-11: 110 DC of the skirt and then stitching and hem.
12th row: 42 sc (from the waist), 68 dc, then stitch and border.
13-15th rows: 110 DC of the skirt and then stitching and hem.
16th row: 56 sc (from the waist), 54 dc, then stitch and border.
Repeat these rows 11 times (for the required width of the skirt).

Sew the finished skirt fabric with a needle and thread, connecting the tops of the columns of the last row with the loops of the initial chain. Tie the top edge of the skirt with several rows of sc. From the inside, sew an elastic band closed into a ring to the waistband of the skirt.

crochet knitted suit

The blouse is made according to a pattern with set-in sleeves. The knitting direction is also transverse. A border is made along the bottom of the blouse and sleeves using the fillet knitting technique according to cx. 3 is somewhat different from the skirt.

crochet pattern

Cast on a chain from VP to the height of the side line (segment AB in Fig. 2) and start knitting the back, making an armhole. From the initial chain in the other direction (to avoid the side seam), start doing the front.

Having knitted the armhole on the back and front, you can connect the fabric along the shoulder line and knit with a single fabric. Or you can continue to sew the back and front separately, and then sew the shoulder seams.

Having knitted shoulder width apart, divide the knitting into 2 parts and knit the front and back separately, making the corresponding neck cuts. Then put the fabric together again and tie it shoulder width apart.

Finish the front and back separately, making the armhole of the product. Sew along the side line. Also tie the sleeves in the transverse direction, stitch them and sew them into the armhole.

Tie the neck with one row of sc and one next to the picot, alternating 3 sc and picot from 3 ch. Sew shoulder pads 1 cm high

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    simply stunning women's suit size 52 with linen lace. Thank you.

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