Crochet dress – Orange summer
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Crochet dress – Orange summer

Crochet dress

Knitted dress – Orange summer – knitted with motifs from Italian viscose with lurex – Astro 1250m/100g.

  • Clover hook 2.25mm.
  • Yarn consumption 500g.
  • Thread in 3 folds – 416m/100g.

Main motive:

Scheme of the main motive

crochet pattern
  • 1st row – 8 VP;
  • 2nd row – 16 СС2Н and 1 VP between them (initially 4 lifting air loops);
  • 3rd row – 48 DC – 1 above CC2H and 2 DC in the arch from one VP of the bottom row;
  • 4th row – 20 arches of 5 air loops each;
  • 5 row – 20 arches of 5 air loops;
  • Row 6 - 3 VP, knit a picot of 3 VP at its top, then a DC and a picot of 3 VP at its top, then an arch of 3 VP, repeat in a circle - you should get 20 such fragments.

Connecting motif:

Connecting motif diagram

  • 1st row – ring of 6 VPs;
  • 2nd row – 16 CCH (initially 3 runways);
  • Row 3 – 3 VPs, on top of a picot of 3 VPs, then a DC at its top – picot of 3 VPs.

We start knitting the dress with the lace fabric of the skirt. We knit with motifs according to the pattern. We assemble the canvas in a circle in the required size. We take into account the volume of the hips and the length of the product. We continue knitting the skirt with a ribbon according to the pattern.

crochet pattern

In the last row we join the ribbon of large motifs. We knit stitches with different numbers of crochets and align the fabric.

The line connecting the stripes is decorated with a small frill from a chain of air loops with picot./ 3 ch, picot, 3 ch, sc. attach to the canvas./

Align the ribbon of round motifs using posts.

We continue knitting, connecting ribbons from the main motifs.

We impose motifs for the shelf and back. The assembly and arrangement of the motifs depends on the size.

Back of knitted dress

Front of a knitted dress

We connect the front and back with a common ribbon and knit decorative frills. A stripe of main motifs forms the dropped shoulder and side of the dress.

We align the round motifs with columns and knit the sleeve ribbon in a circle. A strip of small motifs completes the sleeve trim.

We connect the skirt with the top and decorate it with a frill. The lining of the dress - stretch viscose - is sewn to the neckline and fixed at the waist. Knitted dress and lining without zipper. The weight of the finished product is 770g.

Crocheted dress - Orange Summer - very convenient and comfortable to wear. I really love knitting dresses, and I love wearing them even more.

Thank you for watching. Diagrams and descriptions helped me create a crocheted dress - Orange Summer, collected in the Piggy Bank of motives and patterns.

Maybe my dress will inspire you and you will knit it even better. My favorite crochet dress.

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  1. Svetlana

    a very beautiful dress !

  2. Svetlana

    It seems simple, but how wonderful!

  3. Irina

    Lily, I love your dress, the color is simply amazing! I'll try to knit something similar! Thanks for the description!!!

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