Top "Olive"
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Top "Olive"

knitted top

This charming top with ties attracts attention with its eye-catching combination of openwork patterns and slightly flared silhouette. What a fashionable color! Don't delay until next summer!

Model Alena Filipenko

 Size: S.M.


You will need: yarn Kable (100% cotton, 430 m/100 g) – 200 g olive color, hook number 5.

knitted top

Dial a chain of 101 air. p. and knit 14 rows according to pattern 1.

Next, knit 4 rows according to pattern 2.

 Continue working according to scheme 3.

crochet pattern

Knit 8 repeats (+ 1, + 4 edge loops (2 on each side). All “bumps” = 7 treble stitches, knitted together.

Next, knit 4 rows again according to pattern 2 and proceed to pattern 4.

First, knit 3 rows of “ticks”, then, according to the pattern, leave 4 cm for the armholes and continue knitting, decreasing 1 “tick” of the pattern on each side in every 2nd row.

Finish the part by tying the edge according to pattern 5.

Knit the second part of the top in the same way.

Sew the finished parts on the sides.

Tie the bottom of the product in a circle with “cones” according to pattern 5.

Ties (4 pcs.): dial a chain of 6 air. p. and knit 20 rows of st. s/n.

Sew the finished ties to the top.

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