Openwork cardigan – White roses
Irish Lace, My works

Openwork cardigan – White roses

Irish lace

Openwork cardigan – White roses – knitted using Irish lace technique with Turkish yarn. It took a total of 850 grams to make the model. yarn.

Yarn for motifs – Sarmasik 200m/50g.

Yarn for tying motifs – Tulip 250m/50g. and Сameliia 190m/20g.

Yarn for mesh – Canarias – 203m/20g.

Clover hooks 0.75mm-1.0mm-1.25mm

Irish lace cardigan

First we will discuss knitting motifs, and then assembling the fabric. The classic Irish rose is knitted according to the pattern:

Irish rose - diagram

Irish rose

We knit roses in several sizes. You can also tie mini roses - six rows according to the pattern. Rose petals are tied with Tulip yarn in crab stitch. Image of roses and leaves in the photo.

Irish lace motifs

We knit the leaves according to the master class in the photo and immediately connect them into branches.

Branches with two and three leaves are very successful in layout.

To fill large fabrics, we knit long branches of 4-5 leaves.

Sequence of knitting a twig:

Irish leaf

The branches are tied with Tulip yarn as follows: a connecting post, an air loop, etc. In the process of tying, we wrap the veins of the leaf in a lush column.

The wrapping column technique step by step in the photo:

entwining column

We perform small motifs according to the scheme:

Irish lace motif

Small circles are 16 double crochets in a circle.

We begin tying the small motifs with Camellia yarn in the same way as the leaves.

openwork cardigan

We knit twigs with knots according to the step-by-step master class:

twig with knots

Knot technique:

Irish knot
Irish lace sprig

Long “antennae” 15-20 cm. we knit on a bourdon or on a chain of air loops.

Bourdon in Irish lace is 3-4 threads folded together, which replace a chain of air loops.

Motifs associated with the use of bourdon are more voluminous and hold their shape well.

A 4-strand burdon made from Sarmasik yarn is knitted in single crochets with Tulip yarn.

Irish lace motifs

It's time for the pattern.

We create a pattern according to individual sizes in full size.

It is recommended to make it from thick fabric.

We lay a decorative cord along the contour of the neckline, shelves, hem and sleeves, knitted according to the pattern:

knitted cord

Next, we proceed to placing the motifs on the pattern with the wrong side up.

The motifs are sewn to the fabric or secured with head pins to a tablet/tight pad or foam/.

We sew together the touching elements.

The rest of the connection is an irregular mesh. It is knitted using Canarias yarn and a 0.75mm Clover hook.

Back of openwork cardigan – White roses

openwork cardigan

Shelves of openwork cardigan - White roses

openwork cardigan

Sleeve 1 openwork cardigan – White roses

openwork cardigan

Sleeve 2 openwork cardigan - White roses

Irish lace cardigan

After assembling the main canvases, we move on to the final work - SEAMS.

First we sew the fabric pattern.

We tie together small motifs and branches and arrange them in the empty spaces.

We finish the work with an irregular mesh. The first stage is to sew in the sleeve. Only then do the side seams.

To work the sleeve seam, you can use a narrow strip of foam, foam rubber, or a tightly rolled towel.

Sew on the buttons.

The loops are the cells of the decorative cord.

Decorate with pearl beads or seed beads.

openwork cardigan

Two months of work turned into an openwork cardigan - White Roses.

My indispensable thing in cool summers and early warm autumns.

The Piggy Bank contains many motifs of Irish lace. Create a unique product too!

You can see my other works here...

Thank you for reading and not ignoring my work.

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