Seamless raglan cardigan
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Seamless raglan cardigan

knitted cardigan

Do you want something extravagant? This asymmetrical jacket combines a modest stockinette stitch with a luxurious openwork pattern. Warm cinnamon color – it couldn’t be better!

Design: U. & M. Marxer

Dimensions: 36/38 (40/42 – 44/46 – 48/50)


You will need

Yarn 1 (100% wool; 160 m/50 g) – approx. 600 (650-650-700) g terracotta.

Yarn 2 (70% mohair, 30% silk; 210 m/25 g) – 50 g terracotta. 

Circular knitting needles No. 4 and 4.5, 40 and 80 cm long; stocking needles No. 4.

2 buttons with a diameter of 19 mm.

Decorative raglan extensions: before the mark: from the broach, knit 1 knit crossed loop, 1 knit; after the mark: 1 knit stitch, knit 1 knit stitch from the broach.

Decorative reductions: before the mark: knit 2 stitches together with a slant to the left = 1 stitch, slip off, as in knitting, knit the next loop and pull the removed loop through the knitted one, knit 1; after the mark: knit 1, knit 2 stitches together.

Edge edge: In all rows, knit the first and last stitches = knotted edge. 

Pearl Pattern: knit alternately 1 knit, 1 purl and in each row shift the pattern by 1 loop.

Openwork pattern: knit according to the pattern. Distribute the loops according to the instructions. Repeat from the 1st to the 10th row (when knitting in the round and knitting in rows in forward and reverse directions).

knitting pattern

Knitting density: 23 p. x 33 r. = 10 x 10 cm, knitted in stockinette stitch with needles No. 4, yarn 1; 17 p. x 22 r. = 10 x 10 cm, knitted in an openwork pattern using knitting needles No. 4.5 with yarn 2.

Attention: The product is knitted from top to bottom from the collar with decorative raglan bevels. The raglan yoke, the upper parts of the back and front panels are knitted in a single fabric in rows in forward and reverse directions, the sleeves from the yoke are knitted in circular rows. The arrows on the pattern drawing indicate the knitting direction. The right shelf at the bottom shrinks a lot when the hinges are closed. The lace flounce is knitted from the front edge of the front.

Description of knitting

Collar: Yarn 1 on long circular needles No. 4 crossed with double thread 154 (166-178-190) loops and knit 1 purl. purl row. Continue working, distributing the patterns in the following sequence: edge, 5 stitches of pearl pattern = front placket, 147 (159-171-183) stitches of stockinette stitch, edge. After 91 r. from the starting row, collar height = 27.5 cm.

Raglan yoke: distribute the loops as follows: the first 38 (41-43-46) stitches for the left front, make a mark = left front raglan line, the next 14 (14-16-16) stitches for the left sleeve, make a mark = left back raglan line , next 38 (44-48-54) sts for the back, make a mark = right back raglan line, next 14 (14-16-16) sts for the right sleeve, make a mark = right front raglan line, next 50 (53 -55-58) p. for the right shelf.

Knit in stockinette stitch using needles No. 4, continuing on the left shelf after the edge knitting the front placket with a pearl pattern. For raglan bevels in the 1st r. and another 36 (38-41-43) x in every 2nd r. before and after the marks, perform 1 decorative increase = 8 increases per row. After 22.5 (23.5-25.5-26.5) cm = 74 (78-84-88) r. from raglan yoke on knitting needles 450 (478-514-542) sts. 

Back and shelves: Leave 88 (92-100-104) stitches of sleeves temporarily. Continue knitting in stockinette stitch on the first 75 (80-85-90) stitches to the 1st mark = left front, on 112 (122-132-142) stitches between the 2nd and 3rd marks = back and on the last 87 (92-97-102) sts from the 4th mark = right shelf, while on the left shelf after the edge, continue knitting the bar with a pearl pattern. After 36 (35-33-32) cm = 120 (116-110-106) r. from the raglan yoke, purl all the loops with a double thread, while on the last 87 stitches of the right front, knit 29 x 3 stitches together, purl to tighten the bottom edge.

Sleeves: cast on on circular knitting needles No. 4, crossed with a double thread, left between the back and the front of the sleeve loops = 88 (92-100-104) sts. Knit in circular rows with stockinette stitch, mark the transition from row to row at the end of the raglan lines. To narrow the sleeve, perform 1 x in 7 (5-7-8th) circles. and another 11 (13-13-15)x in every 6 (5-4-3rd) circle. after and before the marks, 1 decorative decrease = 64 (64-72-72) sts. As the number of stitches decreases, switch to stocking needles.

After 23.5 (22-19.5-17.5) cm = 78 (72-64-58) r. from the raglan yoke, knit on short circular needles No. 4.5 in circular rows with an openwork pattern using 2 lace flounce yarn. To do this, rapport between the arrows = 8 stitches. Perform 8 (8-9-9) x. After 18 cm = 40 circles. From the beginning of the shuttlecock, close all the loops with a thread in 4 folds, purl. 

Assembly: on long circular knitting needles No. 4.5 with yarn 2, cast on 147 stitches along the side of the right front and collar and knit a lace flounce: knit 1 purl. row purl and then knit 50 r. openwork pattern: start with a loop before the 1st arrow, repeat between the arrows = 8 sts. perform 18 x and end with loops after the 2nd arrow. After 23 cm = 51 r. From the beginning of the shuttlecock, close all the loops with a thread in 4 folds, purl.

Sew the bottom part of one button at the top on the collar bar, the bottom part of the second button on the front bar of the left shelf; Sew one upper part of the button on the inside of the upper right corner of the collar, the second on the inside of the right shelf at the level of the yoke.

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