Crocheted motley pullover in patchwork style
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Crocheted motley pullover in patchwork style

knitted pullover

ANDthree parts - a whole...

The combination of crocheted squares and knitted fabric results in a unique pullover...

Designer: Claireline Chevaux.

Sizes: 34/36


Materials: LANG YARNS yarn “Merino 150 Color” (100% fine merino wool. 150m/50 g) – 150 g each of pink-red-violet tones No. 197.0366 and green-blue-eggplant tones 197.0355, yarn “Merino 150” (1001TP3 T fine merino wool , 150 m/50 g): 50 g each of blue color No. 0079, green color No. 0116, red color No. 0060, blue color No. 0133, orange color No. 0159, pink color No. 0009, purple color No. 0147, hot pink color No. 0085, yellow No. 0175 and burgundy No. 0063; Prym hook No. 3.5, straight Prym knitting needles No. 3.

Patchwork squares: to knit according to the scheme for hook A squares of various sizes.

 Perform 5 ch. and close them in a circle using 1 connection art.

Every r. knit in a different color. To do this, make the connection. Art. prev R. already in color. R. V.p. I started doing it with the color of the 1st row.

 For squares A, knit rows 1 and 2, for squares B, rows 1-3, for squares C, rows 1-4, for squares D, rows 1-6 and for squares E, rows 1-8.

crochet pattern

Squares on armholes: knit square F along scheme B, knit every r. new color.

Starting from the 4th p.m. the beginning of the circle. R. shifts.

Rows 4-6 are not worked to completion and are completed with 1 st. 6. n. on the right side of the square.

At the end, knit a short 7th r. on the right side of the square.

crochet pattern

 Square G is performed symmetrically. 

knitted pullover

Alternating colors of squares:

 In the diagram, squares with alternating colors are indicated by numbers and letters.

A1 = purple, yellow. 
A2 = hot pink, green. 
AZ = yellow, blue.
A4 = blue, green-blue-eggplant.
A5 = blue, green. 
A6 = purple, orange.
A7 = orange, red. 
A8 = blue, violet. 
A9 = yellow, hot pink.

A10 = yellow, green-blue-eggplant. 

AN = burgundy, green. 

A12 = hot pink, pink-red-violet. 

A13 = yellow, purple. 

B1 = yellow, green, orange.

 B2 = blue, red, pink. 

VZ = hot pink, pink, burgundy. 

B4 = green, red, hot pink. 

B5 = blue, green, orange. 

B6 = purple. blue, hot pink.

C1 = blue, hot pink, green, light blue. 

C2 = purple, red, pink, hot pink.

 NW = pink-red-violet, red, orange, violet. 

C4 = purple, blue, pink, red.

 C5 = blue, pink, burgundy, purple. 

C6 = hot pink, green, red, yellow. 

C7 = purple, hot pink, orange, burgundy. 

C8 = blue, hot pink, yellow, pink-red-violet. 

C9 = hot pink, green-blue-eggplant, orange, green. 

C10 = pink, green, burgundy, blue. 

C11 = green, orange, red, yellow. 

C12 = pink, red, hot pink, pink-red-violet. 

C13 = blue, orange, cyan, green. 

C14 = orange, red, pink, purple.

C15 = violet, blue, green, pink-red-violet.

 C16 = hot pink, orange, red, blue.

D1 = blue, light blue, pink, hot pink, purple, burgundy.

D2 = purple, orange, red, pink-red-violet, blue, cyan.

E = orange, green, blue, violet, red, pink, rose-red violet, hot pink.

F = green, yellow, blue, purple, blue, red, green-blue-eggplant.

G = blue, hot pink, orange, purple, burgundy, rose red purple.

Openwork pattern: knit according to the pattern.

Start p. from 4 p. before the 1st arrow, constantly repeat the rapport between the arrows at 6 p., complete p. 5 p. after the 2nd arrow.

Repeat rows 1-8 constantly.

knitting pattern

Alternating stripes A: 
knit alternately 3 cm = 12 r. pink-red-violet and green-blue-eggplant.

Alternating stripes B: knit alternately 5 cm = 18 r. pink-red-violet and green-blue-eggplant color.

knitted pullover

Knitting density: square A = 3.5 x 3.5 cm, square B = 5.25 x 5.25 cm, square C = 7 x 7 cm, square D = 10.5 x 10.5 cm, square E = 14 x 14 cm, squares F and G = 11.5 x 10.5 cm. 

The samples are made with crochet size 3.5. 26 p. and 37 r. openwork pattern with knitting needles No. 3 = 10 x 10 cm 

crochet 13 squares A, 6 squares B, 16 squares C, 2 squares D and 1 square each E, F and G in the alternating colors indicated in the diagram.

Arrange all the squares according to the diagram and sew them together.

At the same time, grab the back wall of the outer section. 


For COQUETTE cast on 93 stitches along the upper edge of the stitched part using knitting needles No. 3 in pink-red-purple color and knit 1 purl. R. purl P.

Next, knit alternating colors A in an openwork pattern.

After 10.5 cm = 39 rub. from the set of loops, close for shoulder bevels on both sides 1x 6 p., then close in every 2nd p. another 3x for 6 p.

Simultaneously with the beginning of the shoulder bevels, close off the middle 33 stitches for the neckline and finish the left side first. D

To round the neckline, close the inner edge of the neckline in every 2nd r. 1x4 p. and 1x 2 p. Finish the second side symmetrically.

BEFORE: knit like a back, but for a deeper neckline at a height of 5 cm = 19 r. from the set of sts, close the middle 19 sts and knit both sides separately.

Close from the inner edge of the neck in every 2 r. 1x 4 p., 2x 2 p. and 2x 1 p., bind off in every 4th r. Zx 1 p.

SLEEVES: cast on with knitting needles No. 3 in pink-red-violet color 57 sts and knit 1 purl. R. persons P.

Next, knit alternating colors B in an openwork pattern. At 12 p.m. = 3 cm from the cast-on edge, add 1 p. for bevels on both sides, then add in every 14th p. 10x 1 p. = 79 p.

Include the added stitches in the pattern, while paying attention that the number of yarn overs and stitches knitted together matches.

 After 44.5 cm = 165 rub. from the cast-on edge, close for edging on both sides 1x 3 p., then close in every 2nd p. 12x 1 p., 5x 2 p. and 2x 3 p.

After 11 cm = 40 rub. from the beginning of the okat, close off the remaining 17 sts.

ASSEMBLY: Sew shoulder and side seams; when sewing side seams, grab only the back walls of the item. Sew the seams of the sleeves, sew in the sleeves.

Crochet the edge of the neckline and the lower edges of the sleeves 1 p. senior biological sciences bright pink, tie the bottom edge of the pullover 1 r. Art. b. n. of blue color.

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