Pullover with golf collar and herringbone pattern
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Pullover with golf collar and herringbone pattern

knitted pullover

The pullover with a golf collar and herringbone pattern is knitted from a mixture of merino wool, cashmere and polyamide. This wonderful pullover will serve you for many seasons. The classic herringbone pattern adds elegance, while the high collar, ribbed trims and dropped armholes add casualness. Please note: the main parts of the pullover are knitted crosswise.

Size: single (36–44)
Product width across chest circumference: 120 cm
Product length: 51 cm
Sleeve length at inseam: 41 cm

You will need: yarn Lana Grossa Alta Moda Cashmere 16 (78% merino wool, 12% cashmere, 10% polyamide; 50 g/110 m) – 10 skeins of natural white (col. 16), knitting needles No. 7, circular needles No. 6, lengths 50 and 80 cm.

Knitting density: “Herringbone” pattern (knitting needles No. 7) – 14 sts x 21 r. = 10 x 10 cm.

Edge loops: Remove the 1st stitch of each row as a purl stitch. Knit the last stitch of each row.

Elastic band (rows in straight and reverse direction/circle. rows): In the front and back rows, knit alternately knit crossed and purl crossed.

Facial surface: In the front rows, knit all the loops with the front ones, in the purl rows - purl.

Herringbone pattern A (= back): knit according to pattern A. The pattern shows the entire back with increases and decreases for the shoulder bevels and neckline along the left edge. The numbers on the right refer to the front rows, the numbers on the left refer to the purl rows. All purl rows not indicated in the diagram are knitted like the 2nd row. Always purl increases on the left edge.
2 p. (in the diagram on a gray background) from the right edge = patent edge.
6 p. x 4 r. on the diagram on a gray background = 1 rapport, knit 1 time 1-126th r.

knitting pattern

Herringbone pattern B (= sleeves): knit according to pattern B. The numbers on the right refer to the front rows, on the left - to the purl rows. All loops are indicated by the width between the arrows.
2 p. from the right edge (in the diagram on a gray background) = patent edge.
6 p. x 4 r. on a gray background = 1 rapport. Repeat 1-4th r.

knitting pattern

Note: All parts of the pullover are knitted crosswise.

The arrows on the diagram indicate the direction of work! The bottom strap and cuffs are tied onto the corresponding part in the direction indicated by the arrow.

Description of work:

Back: knit across and start from the left sleeve, to do this, cast on 24 stitches on needles No. 7 and knit in stockinette stitch with edge. on both sides. On the right side of the work in the 1st r. after the cast-on row, add 1 stitch, to do this, from the broach after the 2nd stitch, knit 1 stitch with the front one crossed, repeat in every 2nd row. 3 times = 28 p.

After 3 cm (= 8 r.) from the cast-on row on the right side, cast on 24 sts. Next, knit with the Herringbone pattern A, while starting between the arrows and from the right edge by 2 sts. Knit the patent edge according to the pattern, continue along the left edge knit chrome

Starting from 3 p.m. start performing emphasized increases for the shoulder bevel according to. pattern and repeat them 9 times in every 4th row. = 62 p. Include added loops in the “Herringbone” pattern according to the diagram.

In the 44th r. From the left edge for the neck close 3 sts = 59 sts and continue working.

In the 83rd r. dial on an additional 3 sts = 62 sts. Continue knitting the back according to the pattern, while for the shoulder bevel the loops are emphasized.

After the 126th r. According to diagram A, complete the “Herringbone” pattern. From the right edge close 24 sts (= 28 sts).

At 28 sts, knit the beginning of the sleeve in stockinette stitch, knitting a hem on both sides.
From the right edge in the 1st row. underline subtract 1 p., for this after chrome. knit 2 stitches together with a slant to the left (= slip 1 stitch like a purl, knit 1, then pull it through the removed loop), repeat in every 2nd row. 3 more times = 24 sts.

After 3 cm (=8 r.) from the beginning of the sleeve, loosely close all the loops.

Before: knit like a back, but with a deeper neckline, start with the right sleeve and end with the left.
For the neckline in 44 r. from the left edge close 6 sts, then in every 2nd r. another 1 x 3 p., 1 x 2 p. and 2 x 1 p. Then knit without increasing/decreasing.

Starting from 75th r. cast on additional stitches in a mirror manner. When making decreases and increases, constantly pay attention to the pattern.

Sleeves: On needles No. 7, cast on 45 sts and knit with a “Herringbone” pattern according to pattern B with a patent edge on both sides of the piece. The diagram shows the entire width.

After 31 cm (= 66 rubles) from the cast-on row, loosely close the loops.

Knit the second sleeve in the same way.

Assembly: Pin the details onto the pattern, moisten and let dry.

Plank: On circular knitting needles 80 cm long, cast on 70 sts along the lower edge of the back and front, insert the knitting needle into the middle of the 2nd st of the patent edge and knit 8 cm (= 17 r.) with an elastic band. Then loosely close the loops.

Cuffs: On circular needles No. 6, 50 cm long, cast on 42 stitches along the lower edges of the sleeves, as described above.
For cuffs, knit in rows in forward and reverse directions 10 cm (= 21 rubles) with an elastic band. Then loosely close the loops according to the pattern. Make seams.

Collar: On knitting needles No. 6, 50 cm long, cast on 76 sts and knit a circle with an elastic band. in rows.
At a collar height of 15 cm, loosely close the loops according to the pattern.
Pull the collar to the appropriate length, turn it inward and sew the cast-on row to the neckline.
Sew in the sleeves. Thread all the threads.

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